Britton Webb Actor • Writer • Director • Producer

Britton Webb was born and raised in Brandon, Miss. He was brought up with a love for hunting and fishing. He played multiple sports through High School, before eventually accepting a soccer scholarship at a college in Kentucky.

He had the love of acting at 10-years old. He admits that “Saved By The Bell” inspired it in a way. “I always liked the thought of being Zack and playing Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s love interest. Her poster definitely adorned my bedroom wall alongside Cindy Crawford during my adolescent years.”

After graduating school with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, he began working with his father, who is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser and Licensed Broker. The economy crashed in ‘08 did a number on the real estate market. Appraisers specifically took a major hit. He decided on a career change. “I knew film and entertainment was my passion, but I didn’t really know the road to take to get me there. I knew I wanted to be an Actor, but in the beginning, it’s pretty unrealistic to believe you can make a career of it. At that point in life, I told myself I would not spend another single day of my life working at a job I didn’t love with all my heart.” He went to film school and spent two years working on the other side of the camera, but it was acting that was his passion.

His first break came in 2016. He was working as a script supervisor on the feature film, “It’s Time,” the story of Ole Miss football player Chucky Mullins who was paralyzed from the neck down. After a few weeks of filming, the film was forced to freeze production. During this time, he signed with an Agent and began his acting career. A few months later, when the film returned, he told them he was no longer interested in working as a script supervisor. “They were adamant about me returning, so I played the hand I was being dealt and used the opportunity to break into acting.” “I agreed to script supervise the film for a speaking role in the film. The deal not only made SAG eligible, but I was also fortunate enough to be cast as Ole Miss Athletic Director Warner Alford, in a scene playing opposite Sam Trammell and Adrian Pasdar.

Webb directed, “Butterflies.” It was a MOS short film about a rookie soccer player who overcomes a mean case of the “butterflies” by recalling a childhood memory just moments before his debut as a professional athlete. “Writing and directing MOS films was a great way to keep you honest and test yourself as a Writer and Director. If you can write a powerful story without dialogue, and get the performances you want from Actors who don’t have lines, then you are well on your way.”

Webb is a passionate Entrepreneur. He launched Webb Productions, LLC in 2015 to help with video production for clients, but soon realized that people wanted a one-stop-shop for media needs. He changed the name to Webb Creative Media offering branding, social media marketing, graphic design, web design, and all video production needs. ”Video production is still and always will be my passion. My end goal is to make Webb Productions primarily a feature film production company.”

His next project was a  web-series with Cotton Yancey his local Acting Instructor. Captown. It was proposed by one of Yancey’s students, Herman Johnson. “We started the web-series that featured the three of us acting in lead roles to bring down a crime organization led by a drug boss. It sparked my interest because it allowed me to direct and act. I also knew we would be able to get a lot of local talent involved and I felt like we could keep the production value high with a minimal budget.”

“I’m a “big picture” kinda guy, so I immediately contacted my friend, Marcus Dupree, whom I met and acted within a low budget feature film called, Cornbread Costa Nostra, directed by Travis Mills. If you are not aware, Marcus Dupree is one of the greatest running backs of all time. I wanted to get Dupree involved with Captown, so that it had a recognizable name attached to it.”  

“Think Breaking Bad on Pills. Casey Irving (Dupree), a pro football player who was once fed painkillers to keep him on the field, is considering a comeback, but he’s got no intention to work between the lines. It’s up to DT. Lauderdale (Yancey) and UPTON (myself) with help from S.A. Banks (Johnson) to take him down, but it’s not easy to take down the guy whose legacy helped build this town.” “Marcus Dupree plays Casey Irving, but aside from being a pro-football player that got injured, they have nothing in common. The rest is totally fiction.”

His upcoming project is based on the novel, “Where Elephants Fought” by Bridget H. Smith. It is the story of the murder of Confederate General Earl Van Dorn on May 7, 1863. During the tragic days of the American Civil War, the handsome, playboy General Van Dorn struck up an affair with the beautiful Jessie Peters, wife of wealthy physician and planter, George Peters. During the course of their whirlwind affair, the handsome General Van Dorn set his sites on yet another. Unfortunately, the General would not fare so well with this affair. After months on the run, Dr. George Peters is captured at his niece’s plantation in the Mississippi Delta. He is taken before a judge in Meridian, Mississippi, where he is ultimately released. The Doctor is never charged with murder. For years, Historians have wrestled with the reasons for the Doctor’s release. Their answer: It was merely an honor killing. In 19th century America, such a killing would have been justified. Was there more to the story? Was there yet another reason Dr. Peters got away with murder? YES! and Where “Elephants Fought” provides the startling revelation that forever changes American History.

What is it about acting that moves your soul? It moves my soul to know the work I do moves the soul of others. Everyone has a film they could watch a thousand times and it never gets old because it inspires them or it brings back fond memories. It moves my soul to have the opportunity to inspire someone or take someone back to a better time or place, if only for a moment. It moves my soul because it validates my belief that the jerk who coined the phrase, “You gotta grow up one day, kid,” was totally wrong.”

In 2019, Webb has big plans to get “Where Elephants Fought,” fully funded and cast. He would like to start raising the funds for another script he wrote, “A Dog With No Name.” He describes it as a road trip buddy-style comedy.

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