Cameron Monaghan and Peyton List At The Premiere of New Film ‘Anthem Of A Teenage Prophet’

Cameron Monaghan, Peyton List and Juliette Lewis star in the upcoming drama Anthem of A Teenage Prophet directed by Robin Hays based on the book written by Joanna Proulx.

What’s It About?

Luke’s (Monaghan) life turns upside down after he foresees the death of his new best friend Stan (MacNicoll) and it actually comes true. Now Luke must live his life with the name “The Prophet of Death” and being titled a freak by the entire town. Meanwhile, he also falls in love with Faith (Peyton). So now he must figure out how to balance love, fear and the inner turmoils that can haunt young teens alike.


Anthem of A Teenage Prophet is out January 11, 2019.

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