Actor Luis Alves “With Focus, Consistency, and Love any Door can be Unlocked.”

Actor Luis Alves was born in the Cape Verdean Island, Santiago. His father owned a car shop in Cape Verde but often traveled to different continents for his company. After a few years of establishing his business in the Netherlands, he decided to move the family to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Alves spoke creole (Portuguese dialect) at home and learned to speak Dutch when he started attending school. He had the desire to study acting abroad. He moved to Los Angeles and started his program at Santa Monica College.

His big break came when he made it to the finals during the 2017 ABC showcase. “It provided me the right type of exposure which led me to get signed with an amazing Management, Coronel Group.

In his recent project, “Wolves and Sheep” he plays an intimidating figure, “Ron,” who is being consumed by all that the underworld offers. It is a dark account of the horrors within child-trafficking. The film follows Ron and his partner, Lucy, as they attempt to transport their victim. The project screened at Warner Bros Studios and was nominated for the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and Fantastic Fest.

Alves believes that “The universal truth is that all of us are connected regardless of our ethnicity, background, and education.” To me, at the core, we are all connected to each other. That on the surface we might appear to be different but that our soul is tied to the same source regardless of religion, status, or race.”

“Decomposition” is a modern fairy tale. It’s the story of a girl named Grace who grows up dreaming of becoming an Author, but who ultimately puts her dream aside in pursuit of a more “practical” job. She learns that the consequences of denying once legend can lead to strange losses. She starts crying ink, and the ink is spelling out words. The words also leak out of her ears and eyes and after they do she no longer understands their meaning. Alves character is a painter who she meets mid-way in the movie. He is also denying his dream of being a painter and consequently, he start losing his “colors”. They find a way of helping each other back to our true creative selves. The film is currently in the film festival circuit.

What roles would you like to play in 2019? “I would love to portray one of West-Africa’s foremost anti-colonial leaders, Amilcar Cabral. Cabral commanded the nationalist movement and attained independence of the Portuguese colonialists for the Cape Verde people.”

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