Colette- Proof That A Woman Grows Stronger Every Year of Her Life

No one does period pieces like Keira Knightley, she’s timeless in her role as Gabrielle aka Colette. A young penny-less country girl that falls in love with an older man, a literary agent, Willy ( Dominic West). They begin their life in Paris together and when financial hardship hits Willy’s business he seeks desperate measures and has his own wife pen a book for him. 

Colette ends up writing several books under the series titled Claudine, detailing her very real life. She suffers infidelity and even discovers a different passion of hers, women. However, the world does not know that she is the true author and instead her husband Willy reaps all the rewards. She continues to write at his demand, and forces her to live a life which is not her own until she finally outgrows him and decides to leave him. The final straw being his betrayal of her books. 

Colette, was a deep film. It went further than I expected and Keira played the role of Colette in such a tender, pure form. Throughout the film and as the years go by you can actually see Colette grow from a naive country girl in love to a strong, larger than life type of woman. 

This film is beautiful because even though Colette faced many struggles she still rose above what she thought she was capable of. Like many young girls, she started off as one thing but evolved into something much greater. The movie had a lot of drama, was very sensual and overall told a great story. 

The film is out in theaters January 11, 2019. 

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