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Actor Daniel de Weldon TV series, “Badland Wives” directed by Stephen Campanelli.

Actor Daniel de Weldon grew up on the East Coast. He had dreams of becoming a Fighter Pilot however, his father’s success as an Artist inspired him to go into acting.

He was first bitten by the “Acting Bug” when he saw an advertisement at a cafe in Los Angeles casting for Extras. Intrigued and needing extra money as an Undergrad, he met with a Talent Agent and did a cold read. The Agent told him to get acting lessons and come back to him in six months.”

He enrolled in an on-camera acting class and remembered a visceral moment of emotional expression in the class where his character was coping with his dog being struck and killed by a car. Imagining these circumstances provoked a well of emotion within de Weldon that he never felt before; it was simultaneously cathartic and healing. It was at that pivotal moment, that he knew he wanted to be an Actor.

His first break was in a short film called, “The Select Fit” Directed by Daniel Roemer and was the basis for his upcoming feature film, “Chaser” (Summer 2019 release). de Weldon plays an Angel Messenger named “McMahon” that confronts a young Film Editor who had become disconnected from reality and presents him with a challenge to find life’s true meaning.

“The Select Fit” was an official selection of the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and the first runner up of five selections to win a one million dollar purse. It was also a finalist in “HBO’s, “Project Green Light,” produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and Fox’s, “On the Lot” executive produced by Steven Spielberg.

“I love being an actor as it affords me the benefits of diving deeper into my own life and helps me to become a better person. One of my acting teachers, Howard Fine said, “You are as good an Actor, as you are a person.”

2019 has been a whirlwind for de Weldon. He stars in several films including “Underdog,” “One Must Fall,” “Endless Video,” “iPresident,” and “Red Kraken.” He is also on a TV series, “Badland Wives” directed by Stephen Campanelli. Upcoming projects include working on the feature films “Weekend Warriors,” “The Hit,” and “Easter Island”.

His favorite TV performance is playing young Doc Holliday in the upcoming network series “Badland Wives” directed by Stephen Campanelli. In this role, he is the only male that defends women and seeks justice against the villains. “What I love most about the series is that it’s based on female-driven characters whose story arcs empower women during an otherwise suppressed era during the 1800s.”

de Weldon has been acknowledged by over 50 critic’s choice awards. Recently he was awarded “Best Actor” acknowledged by IMDB for his portrayal of a Special Forces soldier suffering from chronic PTSD in the feature film “Anonymous 616.” “This recognition has been a huge honor.”

Recently, de Weldon has written four screenplays – each script invariably revolves around the universal and timeless themes of humility, self-actualization, enlightenment, and unconditional love.

He is in development of two scripts. The first is a biopic entitled “Monumental” based on his father Felix de Weldon, as an immigrant to the United States who became a world-renowned Artist after facing the atrocities of his family being executed in the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. (Link: https://www.danieldeweldon.com/writer)

The second script is “The Elephant Ride,” which is also based on a true story about two men and one really, really fast car. Vincent, Hollywood’s top limo driver, roars along the streets of Los Angeles as two repo men try to take back his beloved, high-performance ride. In the midst of this crisis, he meets Bradley, stricken with cerebral palsy and looking for love in the darkest places of the city. Bradley hires Vincent to drive him to Las Vegas to marry the love of his life, a stripper. Vincent is forced to come to terms with his own darkness as he spends the next two days keeping one eye on Bradley and the other on the rear-view mirror. (Link: https://deweldonfilms.wixsite.com/theelephantride)


Website: http://www.DanieldeWeldon.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/753482354813392/

Instagram: Daniel_deWeldon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DanielDeWeldon

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