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The 5 Best Moments from The ROH|NJPW G1 Supercard Event in MSG

The G1 Supercard, held at Madison Square Garden featured 11 matches with talent from both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. From top to bottom the show was solid, and very entertaining. Guys from both rosters pulled out all the stops to put together an amazing show and throughout the entire night the crowd was on their feet cheering for every single match. 

There were a lot of awesome moments on the show, but here are some of the best five moments from the show.

5. The Great Muta and Jushin Thunder Liger appear in the Honor Rumble

Jushin Thunder Liger in what will likely be his final U.S appearance wrestled in Madison Square Garden for the first time in his career participating in the Honor Rumble. As a surprise entrant the Japanese legend and former multi time IWGP & Triple Crown Champion The Great Muta made his MSG debut. However, their moment was spoiled by Kenny King winning the Honor Rumble. The fans did go home happy with Liger doing his famous palm strike and Muta spitting green mist to Kenny King post match.

4. Taiji Ishimori vs Bandido vs Dragon Lee

If you are looking for the best match under 15 minutes this was it. When you talk about all-action-no-filler this match was it. If you blinked you’d miss something. This match also featured an incredible feat of strength by Bandido as he moonsaulted with both Ishimori and Dragon Lee on him. If you have 15 minutes to spare watch this match over and over.

3. Matt Taven becomes ROH Champion

The least popular wrestler of the night besides Enzo and Big Cass won the ladder match. A lot can be said about this decision but it’s better to let it play out in the next few months and then we might see why this decision was made. With that being said Matt Taven was the most impressive guy in the ladder match and one of the few guys in wrestling to get a real reaction from the crowd.

2. Enzo and Big Cass “Invade”

I’m not sure what the duo are calling themselves these days but after the four-way tag match the duo jumped the barricade and immediately went after the Briscoes and both teams got into a scuffle. The guys in the ring like G.O.D and Sanada seemed confused by the whole situation. The situation got weirder by the fact that on the broadcast they were completely ignoring the situation. Bully Ray later also joined the brawl going after Enzo. This whole thing lasted about 5 minutes until finally security got involved and some of the guys came from the locker room came out to add legitimacy to the angle. The crowd hated the angle and it seemed to upset the G.O.D as it took from their moment of capturing the ROH tag titles to go along with their IWGP tag titles. One thing no one noticed during all this is that Toru Yano stole the IWGP tag titles.

1. Kazuchika Okada becomes IWGP Champion

In a classic match, Jay White became a made man even in defeat and Okada once again became champion. With this crowd any other result would’ve ended up leaving a bad taste in their mouth. A lot can be said about Jay White only having a 2 month reign but he joins a long list of guys whose first reign ended a few months into it. That list includes Okada whose first run lasted only 4 months. As for the match itself it was your typical Okada classic and Jay White silenced a lot of critics. The crowd hated Jay but by the end his near falls we’re getting a ton of reaction. Post match Okada thanks the fans in both in English and Japanese.

These were just 5 moments. This show was a lot of fun live and is worth going out of your way to see.

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