Child’s Play: The 1980’s Slasher Horror Film Get A Modern Makeover

The 1980’s slasher horror film, that traumatized and frightened every child has gotten a modern makeover.

This time around the infamous Chucky doll isn’t possessed by killer Charles Lee Ray instead it is possessed by technology. Since nowadays kids spent countless hours using their phones or tablets, this movie highlights the potential dangers of this addicting hobby.

The Buddi Dolls as they were called in this movie acted as an AI best friend to kids. It could do everything Siri and Alexa could like; play music, videos, control the TV etc. While picking up particular likes and dislikes of a child.

The plot of this movie was actually quite simple and refreshing. Instead of getting a long drawn out story of how a doll or an AI become killers we instead got a disgruntled and abused employee in a sweatshop turning off the safe guards of the doll. This meant that the AI would take everything said to him literally and act out on it.

The movie still had some gore from the original and the uniqueness of how a doll would kill you.

Everyone played their rolls great from Aubrey Plaza being a down-on-her-luck widow with crappy taste in men, Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay a kid struggling to fit in and be accepted and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky who was the star of the movie. He went from cute lovable defective doll to slowly getting creepier and creepier as the movie went a long.

The movie was an easy 90 minute watch that makes you jump out of your seat during several occasions.

For fans of the original you get several Easter eggs from the original series. For parents looking to scare their kids on the dangers of technology or who may just want to scare their kids this movie would do it. For fans of Mark Hamill’s amazing voice acting this was another top notch performance.

Is this movie as scary as the original? Probably not. Gabriel Bateman’s acting in this film and the simple story of what living with technology in 2019 is like, can make this movie a fun one to watch.

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