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WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Discusses His Upcoming Summerslam Match Against Randy Orton {VIDEO}

We spoke to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre ahead of his match against Randy Orton this Sunday at Summerslam, in our conversation he discusses what his thoughts going into the pay-per-view are and what it would mean to him to walk out as champion. But that’s not all, McIntyre also discusses the WWE Thunderdome, below are some of the highlights from the interview.

Drew McIntyre Talks About What It’s Been Like Being A WWE Champion During A Global Pandemic

It’s been interesting unlike any other champion ever in the history of wrestling because after my twenty year journey making it to the main event of Wrestlemania, facing Brock Lesnar winning the WWE Championship and it happened to be in a worldwide pandemic. It’s been a little different for everyone in the past, I haven’t had that audience participation, got that reaction as I’ve been going along as WWE Champion and defending my championship. I take great pride in leading the company during such unique times. Thinking and adapting and innovating during these circumstances, trying to reach the fans in unique ways like staring down the lens, breaking that fourth wall, making that connection at home and really trying new things to keep everyone entertained…. It’s probably made me work even harder, if that’s possible, than I was working in the past because I really wanted to not only show that I deserved to be in the top spot as WWE Champion in the ring and on the microphone but I’ve been working my butt off outside the ring trying to bring new eyes to the product. I am trying to poke at a few bears, I literally just got the message that Tyson Fury is calling me out on social media literally right before we got on this call, so that brings new eyes to the product. That’s my responsibility as WWE champion, brand ambassador to get those new eyes, so I’ve really been trying to work every area of my game. 

Drew McIntyre Shares His Thoughts On The WWE THUNDERDOME And Says Triple H Is Very Excited About It 

I can tell you there’s going to be fan participation, which is going to be awesome. The other sports, they had maybe a couple hundred people on the screen, which is pretty cool and we’ve been doing what we could within the Performance Center. But we got a little jealous, we’re WWE, we’re not just sports, we’re the best in sports and entertainment so we took it to the next level. We’re gonna have thousands of fans at one time switching in out of the show, creating that atmosphere you expect from WWE. Like you mentioned already it’s going to be mental. There’s gonna be lasers, there’s gonna be smoke, there’s gonna be pyro, everyone is gonna have a unique entrance and there’s going to be drones flying overhead getting these crazy camera angles so don’t be surprised if Sunday at Summerslam I grab a drone and smash Randy Orton in the head with it…. I was excited to find out about it… I’ve just read about it, I’ve seen the pictures but I haven’t seen it in person yet. I was just on a call with Triple H, he was talking about how great it looks in person and how excited he is about it. The excitement in his voice has made me more excited to experience it , but watch it tonight on Smackdown first and then experience it at Summerslam as well. 

Drew McIntyre Talks About Facing Randy Orton At Summerslam

I know this is the biggest challenge I’ve had, since I beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania in the main event. It’s our biggest show since Wrestlemania, Summerslam, and Randy Orton is a legend, a Hall of Famer already at this stage of his career, he’s done so much. He’s honestly been phoning it in half the time, he’d admit to that himself, and when he phones it in, he is still one of the best in the world. Over the past few months he’s taken things to the next level, he’s at the top of his game, the best he’s been his entire career, on the microphone, in the ring. He’s pure evil and it’s the ultimate challenge for me, it’s the Joker to my Batman, it’s the match I need to prove myself. I’ve been doing a lot of things the past few months, I beat Brock Lesnar in 5 minutes, I’ve defended my title multiple times, carried the company in the pandemic situation; that’s all great but to cement myself as a top dog I need to take out Randy Orton this Sunday in the Thunderdome… This is the challenge I’ve needed, I wanna prove myself not just great during this time, like of all times that I could have been WWE Champion representing the company even if Austin and Rock were on top.



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