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Drew McIntyre Says He’s Excited About The WWE Thunderdome + Get A Glimpse of The Set-Up! {VIDEO}

In our recent interview with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, he discusses the WWE Thunderdome. Take a look at what he had to say.

“I can tell you there’s going to be fan participation, which is going to be awesome. The other sports, they had maybe a couple hundred people on the screen, which is pretty cool and we’ve been doing what we could within the Performance Center. But we got a little jealous, we’re WWE, we’re not just sports, we’re the best in sports and entertainment so we took it to the next level. We’re gonna have thousands of fans at one time switching in out of the show, creating that atmosphere you expect from WWE. Like you mentioned already it’s going to be mental. There’s gonna be lasers, there’s gonna be smoke, there’s gonna be pyro, everyone is gonna have a unique entrance and there’s going to be drones flying overhead getting these crazy camera angles so don’t be surprised if Sunday at Summerslam I grab a drone and smash Randy Orton in the head with it…. I was excited to find out about it… I’ve just read about it, I’ve seen the pictures but I haven’t seen it in person yet. I was just on a call with Triple H, he was talking about how great it looks in person and how excited he is about it. The excitement in his voice has made me more excited to experience it , but watch it tonight on Smackdown first and then experience it at Summerslam as well.” 

Drew McIntyre, during his interview with Denise Salcedo, August 21, 2020.





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