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Madison Rayne Talks About Her New Role on IMPACT Wrestling’s Commentary Team {VIDEO}

Madison Rayne Discusses Her Role on Commentary, Working Alongside Her Husband Josh Matthews 

It’s been a challenge, but a fun challenge. And it was something that was kinda thrown into my lap because of the pandemic and the circumstances that we’re all trying to navigate through. I did some commentary a few years ago specifically for Knockout’s matches, so I did have a little bit of experience but not nearly enough to call an entire show. I always appreciate IMPACT management for letting people try new things and kinda step out of their comfort zones. Being able to work with Josh {Matthews} has been really really awesome. Maybe I am a bit biased but I think he’s one of the best, so being able to learn from him and grow each week with him has been a lot of fun…. With commentary stuff I follow his lead because he’s been doing this literally half of his life and it would be like if he stepped into the ring and we were gonna do a mixed-tag match, I would expect him to follow my lead because that’s my area of expertise. He’s very patient with me…but it’s been pretty seamless, the transition from wrestler to commentary. I put a lot of pressure on myself, because this is such a unique space for a female, to be able to call a live broadcast of a wrestling show or any sporting event for that matter. So to be part of such a small group of women who are given this opportunity I obviously want to do it really well. And I also know that no matter how we try to separate our personal life on camera, I am going to be a direct reflection of Josh because I am his wife. If I do good, then that means that he’s done a good job teaching me.  So for all of those reasons I put a lot of pressure on myself. But that’s the biggest thing, he doesn’t put any pressure on me, this is fun for him.  

Madison Rayne Interview with Denise Salcedo



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