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Adrian Groulx Credits His Relationship w/ His Dad As Inspiration During NBC’s Young Rock Role

The new NBC Sitcom “Young Rock,” the story of young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is premiering on February 16th. Ahead of the series premiere I had the opportunity to interview the young actor who landed the coveted role of playing 10-year-old Young Rock, Adrian Groulx.

In this interview Adrian tells me how he landed this role, what the audition process was like, how he found out that he got the job, meeting The Rock via Zoom, his favorite part of the job and why his dad is the most important person in his life.

Adrian recounts meeting Dwayne ” The Rock” Johnson via zoom, ” I was pretty nervous to talk to him, he told me that this show, for him, was really deep for him, and it was really special in his heart,I was happy that I even got to meet him, it was so great.”

Then when asked about how he prepared for his role, this is what he had to say, ” Preparing for the role I tried to get in the mindset of Dwayne and when I did my searching up and my googling and all my research, I saw that Dwayne really adored his dad,” Adrian connected to Dwayne with his own love for his father, “My dad to me is my superhero, he’s the best man in the world, he’s such a fun person, and he’s really laid back so that’s great.”

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