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{Video} Wrestler Spits On Young Female Fan, Dad Beats Him Up!

Where do I even begin?

I have been going to independent wrestling events since I was a little girl. I’ve had wrestlers accidentally fall on me. My shin was also accidentally hit once on a chair. But never, did I ever get spat on!

How do I say this? You can’t spit on little kids!


The guy is Devin Danger, he was working a tag-team match for a local promotion in Salinas, California, Big Time Wrestling.

Devin is working as a heel for this show, and as he and his partner make their way out to the ring he extends his arm out to a little girl, and then spits on her. The spit doesn’t land on her, but the fact that he would do that enraged the father to beat him up. You can see the father running behind him, as Devin is about to go into the ring and he begins throwing numerous punches.

The attack is broken up quickly, you can hear the kids screaming in the background as the fans watch this event unfold.

Here’s what fans and wrestlers are saying:




What do you think about this? Was this poor judgment on the wrestler’s part? Do you agree with the father? 

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