Elle Fanning Stars in New Drama “Mary Shelley” {TRAILER}

Elle Fanning is starring in a new film about the true-life passionate love affair between  poet Percy Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin set in the 18-century London that leads Mary Shelley to write the forever classic, Frankenstein.


The movie is directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour, who is the first Saudi female director to ever direct a Hollywood film and also stars Maisie Williams, Douglas Booth and Joanne Froggatt. 



After watching the trailer, I am personally super excited about this film. For many reasons, Mary Shelley features some of my favorite ingredients in a story. First off it’s a period piece, taking place in the 18th century and there is something so appealing about these types of films that makes it so enthralling to watch. Then it has a heart-wrenching young love affair tossed in, and you know that Elle and Douglas are going to have great on-screen chemistry. And lastly, it stars Elle Fanning. Elle is one of those actresses that can mold herself into any role. She dives deep into her character and ends up taking up parts that are beyond her years and she does an excellent job. In fact, I am very excited to see how she will play this role.


The film will be released May 25th in Los Angeles and New York and will be made available on-demand June 1st.

For more on the film check out the official website.


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