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Famous In Love | What’s Going On Now? Season 2 Review Episodes 1-3

Famous In Love starring Bella Thorne, Carter Jenkins, Charlie DePew and Georgie Flores is back on Freeform for their second season.

If you remember the last final heart-wrenching moments from the season one finale, Paige ( Bella Thorne) was put on the spot during a press conference to pick between Rainer (Carter Jenkins)and Jake (Charlie DePew). Of course, we never found out who she picked.


Season 2!

So, what’s going on now? Who did Paige pick?

Well turns out that in the moment Paige never picked anyone. Nina (Rainer’s mom) got them out of the press conference before any reporters could question them further.

But that doesn’t mean Paige is single.

Paige is dating Jake.

And no for those of us on #TeamRainer are NOT HAPPY.

Ep. 1

Rainer starts off the season in rehab. And apparently it was after Rainer went to rehab that Paige and Jake got together. And the Twitter verse is not happy with Paige about her new relationship.

She is also now secretly working on an independent movie “Stealing Georgia” which is directed by her new bae Jake.

But the future of her big blockbuster film Locked is still up in the air. Since Rainer has been in rehab the production has been put on hold for two months.

Ep. 2

However, now that Rainer is out of rehab  will Paige and Rainer be able to work together especially since Rainer is still clearly in love with Paige? And she might be too…

And Paige and Jake are already having troubles. She doesn’t have time to work on his movie. And he’s recasting her role. Yikes!

There is a lot of intensity on the set of Locked!

Ep. 3

The shooting for Locked is back on!

However, right before they begin, the news break about Nina and Jordan’s affair. For those of you who don’t remember Jordan is Rainer’s best friend. So his mom and best friend had an affair! Ouch! Okay, we all knew that already but still!

And Paige and Jake are still having troubles and now about Rainer. Jake doesn’t like Paige showing concern towards Rainer.

Did I mention Rainer has a new girlfriend? She’s pretty mcuh everywhere. And yes we can sense a little jealousy from Paige.



Alright, I am praying for more Paige and Reiner moments, they are so perfect together. I mean obviosuly I am TEAM RAINER. And the fact that there both in a relationship therefore can’t be toegther makes you want them to be together even more. Also, Jake is a nice guy but I find his character super ANNOYING! It’s super obvious that Paige and Rainer have chemistry together so why is he even getting in the picture?

And I can’t wait to see what is going to happen now that the truth about Nina and Jordan is out. Will Nina be going to jail? Who knows!

What are your thoughts on Season 2 of Famous in Love?




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