Jim Carrey Stars In New Thriller “Dark Crimes” {TRAILER}

Dark Crimes a new film starring Jim Carrey is whole different side of Jim that we don’t normally see. For the most part we are used to seeing him in laugh out loud comedies but this time he’s taking audiences on a dark adventure.

Dark Crimes is based on an article written by David Grann in the New Yorker back in February 2008.  Tadek (Jim Carrey) is a cop that finds similarities between an unsolved murder and a book he is reading. The book is written by a guy named  Krystov Kozlov, so Tadek takes it upon himself to follow him which eventually leads him to develop an obsession with Kozlov. In doing so he discovers a deadly world and the truth.


Exclusively on DIRECTV April 19, 2018 and In Theaters and On Demand May 18, 2018.

More About the Film:

Directed by:                        Alexandros Avranas
Written by:                          Jeremy Brock
Executive Produced by: Michael Aguilar, Patrick Murray, Kasia Nabialczyk,
and James Packer
Produced by:                    David Gerson, p.g.a, John Cheng, Jeffrey Soros,
Simon Horsman
Cast:                                    Jim Carrey, Marton Csokas, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Distributor:                         Saban Films
Run Time                            92 Minutes
Rating:                                 R

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