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The Handmaid’s Tale | Season 2. Episode 4 “Other Women”

Has June finally gone crazy? Most likely.

On the last episode, June was on the verge of escaping, until her plane was shot down and she was captured.

Now, she’s back where she started from. Back with the handmaid’s, back living with the Waterfords.


On this episode a few things happened:

  • June and Mrs. Waterford’s relationship has worsen. Mrs. Waterford is pissed that June tried escaping with “her baby” and June is upset that she thinks it is her baby. They even have a few awkward exchanges including a baby shower moment and a moment where she crawls into bed with June to touch and caress her belly.
  • Aunt Lydia has revealed that the family that helped June during her escape have been punished. The husband hung and killed, the wife is now a Handmaid and the boy was sent off to live with others. This destroyed June and gave Aunt Lydia leverage on her.
  • We get flashbacks to June’s former life. If you remember in season one we learn that June had an affair with her soon-to-be-husband. On today’s episode we see the struggle of when his wife approached June to back off and June didn’t. June was the other women.

And lastly, we know that Gilead makes people crazy. Even the people who escape have to have therapy. But this time, June might be going crazy. She’s focusing on insignificant things and running them through her mind over and over. And when she comes across Nick, she even acts like she doesn’t know him.

The episode ends with June giving the camera a very creepy look.


Will this be the next chapter in June’s life? Will she be following the same path as Janine?

Send us your thoughts on the show int he comments below! 

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