Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Story of Fred Rodgers {Review}

As a child I was always a fan of Mister Rodgers, as many kids across the globe. Most of us only know him as the man we loved on TV, we have a few memories of sitting down in front of our television sets watching Mister Rodgers as he talked to us. However, it wasn’t until his documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor? came out that I learned more about Fred Rodgers.

The documentary starts off telling the story of how Fred even got involved in Television. He was first going to become a minister but once he discovered Television and the great tool that it could be, he changed the direction of his life.

He began doing children’s programming and immediately became the favorite of many kids. The documentary also included very sweet and adorable videos of Mister Rodgers engaging with children.

With the documentary you learn that Mr. Rodgers wasn’t just an actor on TV, he had a true great passion for television and for children.  He had an ability to connect with children and talk to them. Which is why so many children (including myself) were drawn to his show.

Truthfully it is astonishing what a great person Fred Rodgers was, the film shined a great light on him and everything he did throughout his career. If you were a fan of Mister Rodgers, this documentary will open your eyes to a whole new version of him you might have not known about.






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On Digital 8/21 and Own it on DVD 9/4.




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