ALPHA Starring Kodi Smit- McPhee {Film Review}

Alpha starring Kodi Smit-McPhee is the story about a young tribe boy who must learn to survive on his own after his tribe believes he is dead, However, while trying to reconnect with his family he winds up finding a best friend in the most unlikely living thing.  The story takes place during the last Ice Age, over 20,000 years in Europe.


The Story 

Kodi Smit- McPhee plays Keda. Keda is the young son of the chief, his father is training him to one day become the leader of the tribe. Once a year, the tribe sets out on an expedition, a deadly dangerous one where many of them don’t return. They face harsh weather conditions and killer animals.


During an attack with wild beasts, Keda is thrown off a cliff by one of the animals. He lands on a hard rock halfway down. He is unresponsive and his tribe believes he has died. His father is taken away in tears, moments after the tribe leaves Keda awakes. And from the second he opens his eyes, he must earn every breath as he faces the worst weather and fears a man possibly could.


One of the first attacks comes from a pack of wolves. He ends up injuring one of the wolves and finds refuge up a tree. Once the rest of the wolves leave, he ends up taking care of the wolf he had injured. Keda is unable to leave the animal for dead because he tends to “lead with his heart and not his sphere”. A quote which will echo throughout the film.



From there it takes a bit but both Kedo and the wolf; which he names ALPHA must try to survive. Kedo just wants to get home to his family. And he does so with the help of ALPHA.

Final Thoughts 


Overall, the film moves at a slow pace. But is a beautifully told story about a young boy who ends finding deeper strength within himself than he or anyone could have possibly imagined. And he finds the truest friend and savior in an animal that is known to be cold and deadly.

I was able to watch the film in 3D, and it was a nice experience because there are so many beautiful shots of the land, and some fast paced shots with the animals. It almost feels like your traveling along side Kedo in his journey.

Kodi made a good Kedo, he portrayed the innocence and spirit of a young boy trying to honor his family and himself meanwhile trying to survive. This is a nice inspiring film that would be great for families.












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