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Actor David Thomas Newman; Texan Oil & Gas Project Manager Turned CBS Co-Star

After walking away from a lucrative project management career in the Oil & Gas industry of Texas, David Thomas Newman bought a one-way plane ticket to Hollywood and never looked back.

Onstage at the early age of 5, it is clear that Newman was born to be a performer. From acting in church plays, emceeing in various talent and awards shows to anchoring his own televised variety show all the way to selling out a packed movie theater in order to screen his first hobby film shot on 35mm, Newman never truly followed his passion and quickly found himself climbing the corporate ladder instead of chasing his own version of the “American Dream.” Challenging as it was, a career in the energy industry didn’t satisfy the Artist. After filming his first comedy,  “Art of Love” and acclaimed short film “Rebar” (Amazon Prime) from award-winning Filmmaker and Creator, Bilal Haider of Dusty Mesa films, Newman dropped everything in Texas and made the move to Tinseltown.

Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, he was cast as a day player on the set of “Too Far Gone” (a short film analyzing addiction, hardship, and relationships), He was immediately upgraded to the role of Aaron, a drug dealer who enables the protagonist’s addiction problem. The film has already been accepted to numerous film festivals including Golden State Film Festival, LAIFFA, and Olympus Film Festival, among others.

Newman booked his first network as a Co-Star on CBS playing Agent Haltermann on “Pink Collar Crimes.” This role opened the door to networking with many new casting offices, producers, and directors, and solidified Newman’s stake in Hollywood.

Along came Newman’s first comedic feature in Los Angeles, which garnered a higher value production team and distribution on Blu-Ray and DVD. “Horndogs Beach Party”with award-winning Director Dustin Ferguson (Sleepaway Camp 2, Nemesis 5), and the actor/director teamed up again for the pilot series “LA Lifers” which found Newman sharing the screen with Actor Carrie Ann Bernans (Black Panther) and stunt driver/actor Ryan Raspberry (Ant Man and The Wasp, Shooter, The Rookie).

Booking his first pilot series opened up the opportunity to audition for other pilots including Myx TV’s “Posers” series where Newman plays an eccentric Ari Gold type (Jeremy Piven, “Entourage”) Artist Manager. The series’ first episode will air in late March when Newman will be on set filming notable AFI alumnus’ Matthew Marder’s “Shifter” action/thriller pilot series in which Newman plays a seedy Irish terrorist.

Newman’s performance as Dan in the short film “Rebar” displayed the range necessary to go from pensive to furious, at the flip of a switch, enticing a break into the horror genre. Newman’s first terrorizing role will appear in industry veteran Troma Entertainment’s “Mulligan’s Monsters” series.

He was cast in “Valley Junk TV” as the third character in the sketch comedy troupe. Newman shared the screen with Dan Jablons (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Alain Washnevsky (Roseanne, SWAT, Homeland). Catch “Valley Junk TV” on the talk show “Harry Howard Talks” on Focus TV Network.

Soon thereafter he played a role in  “Farewell Drive.” The film is a highly well-received dramatic story about loss in which Newman shared the screen with Bobby Reed (Grey’s Anatomy, 2 Broke Girls), who plays his character’s father. “Farewell Drive” was invited to be screened at the “Night of Shorts” event at The Parlor on Melrose (June 3rd, 2019), showcasing independent filmmakers’ short films and series episodes.

Currently, Newman is honing his Irish dialect for his role in the “Shifter” pilot series, as well as developing, producing, and acting in his next film project headed to the festival circuit, and also a 10-episode miniseries for YouTube and Facebook Watch.





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