Mile 22- Non-Stop Action Film! {Review}

Mile 22 is Peter Berg’s latest action film starring Mark Walhberg, Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey and Carlo Alban.


The film focuses on James Silva {Mark Walhberg}, an elite American intelligence officer, with a bit of an edge. He’s a tough, no jokes kind of guy; who runs his command unit very strictly and sometimes very harshly. However, he does so for the greater good of the mission.

The mission in this film is to protect and smuggle Li Noor, a mysterious police officer with sensitive information that Silva and his unit need in order to save the people of the nation. However, Li Noor is more than just a man, he has next lever killer skills and uses Silva and his team to get out of the country.

Silva and his team spend the entire movie fighting those that want Li Noor back on their team, there are very few lines in this movie; it’s all action, action action!


Without spoiling the ending, there is huge twist that occurs in the movie that you really won’t see coming.

Mark Walhberg was great as James Silva, he was a ruthless character, a real badass. Lauren Cohan as Alice was actually the most interesting character (in my opinion) in the film. She is a divorced mother, who loves her daughter but because of her line of work hardly ever gets to see her which puts a major strain in her family life. Lauren is another badass in the film. Than Iko Uwais was brilliant in his fighting scenes, they were very unique and really contributed to the film. Ronda Rousey had very few lines and wasn’t in the film as long as I thought she would be.  Carlo Alban was also a great contribution to the film. Overall, the cast was well intact but James, Alice and Li were the main focus.

If you’re a fan of action films filled with endless fighting scenes than you will enjoy Mile 22.


Mile 22 Is In Theatres from STXfilms August 17, 2018

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